This is a breathing meditation technique using SOHAM (or SOHUM) mantra.
As you breath in, MENTALLY say the word “SO” and as you breath out, MENTALLY say the word “HAM” (or HUM).

SoHam is a Universal Mantra, as it relates to the breath.
There are a total of 108 SOHAM and breath repetitions, ideal for relaxing the autonomic nervous system, and also preparing for deep meditation.

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(0:00) Instructions
(0:26) 108 SOHAM breathing
(14:08) 10 minutes for Meditation
(24:17) relax, subscribe, like & share!

Breathe through the nose using your diaphragm, allow the sounds to silently repeat in your mind, without speaking them aloud!

So Ham meaning: “I am That” or “I am that I am”.


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