Breathe through the nose using your diaphragm, allow the sounds to silently repeat in your mind, without speaking them aloud!

This is a breathing meditation technique using SOHAM (or SOHUM) mantra.
As you breath in, MENTALLY say the word “SO” and as you breath out, MENTALLY say the word “HAM” (or HUM).

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SoHam is a Universal Mantra, as it relates to the breath.
There are a total of 10 minutes of SOHAM and breath repetitions, ideal for relaxing the autonomic nervous system, and also preparing for deep meditation.

So Ham meaning: “I am That” or “I am that I am”.

(0:00) Instructions
(0:28) SOHAM breathing meditation – 10 minutes
(10:35) 5 minutes for Meditation with soft rain and piano
(15:35) relax, subscribe, like & share!


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