Wim Hof breathing method instructions – 3 rounds for beginners:

round 1) 40 breaths + holding your breath for 1min 20s
round 2) 40 breaths + holding your breath for 1min 40s
round 3) 40 breaths + holding your breath for 2min

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1) Inhale through the nose or mouth and exhale through the mouth in short but powerful bursts. Keep a steady pace and use your midriff fully. Repeat this for 40 times.
2) Then let the air out and hold for as long as you can without force. Hold the breath until you experience the gasp reflex.
3) Inhale to full capacity. Feel your chest expanding. When you are at full capacity, hold the breath for around 10 seconds. Repeat this process for 3 times!

Enjoy & have fun!

*Do not do this practice before or during diving, driving, swimming, taking a bath or any other environment/place where it might be dangerous to faint!

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