Take a deep breath and dive into a transformative breathwork journey that will leave you feeling invigorated and connected to your body. In this guided session, you will explore the power of the Wim Hof Breathing Technique, pushing your lungs to new depths and discovering the potential within.

Follow the instructions closely as you inhale deeply from your stomach to your chest and head, filling your lungs with rejuvenating oxygen. Exhale naturally, releasing any tension or stress. Allow your body to guide you as you repeat this cycle 35 times, energizing yourself with each breath.

With each gong, you will embark on a new phase of breath-holding and self-discovery. Feel the expansion of your chest and the control you have over your breath. Experience the tingling sensations in your hands, feet, and face as you go deeper into the practice.

Repeat this process for a total of 6 rounds, with each round building upon the previous one. Embrace the moments of stillness and relaxation, allowing your body to rejuvenate.

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1st GONG: Take a deep breath in and let the air out! Inhale fully from stomach to chest to head through the nose or mouth, then let the exhale happen naturally through the mouth. Fill your lungs deeper than you thought possible and then relax, letting the air out. Repeat this for 35 times.
2nd GONG: Then let the air out and hold for as long as you can without force. Hold the breath.
3rd GONG: Inhale to full capacity. Feel your chest expanding. When you are at full capacity, hold the breath.
4th GONG: Holding your breath, squeeze your belly, neck and then the head.
5th GONG: Let the air out naturally and then relax.

Repeat this process for 6 times!
Enjoy & have fun!

Breathing Technique guided – 6 rounds with GONG
(00:00) 1st round – 35 breaths + holding your breath for 1 minute 20 seconds
(03:51) 2nd round – 35 breaths + holding your breath for 1 minute 40 seconds
(07:57) 3rd round – 35 breaths + holding your breath for 2 minutes
(12:26) 4th round – 35 breaths + holding your breath for 2 minutes 20 seconds
(17:14) 5th round – 35 breaths + holding your breath for 2 minutes 40 seconds
(22:20) 6th round – 35 breaths + holding your breath for 2 minutes
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#Breathwork #Breathworks #BreathworkHealing

IMPORTANT: Find a comfortable seat, whether it’s a chair or cushions on the floor, and create a safe environment. Avoid practicing this technique while diving, driving, swimming, or in any situation where it may be dangerous to lose consciousness.

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