Linga Bhairavi Devi is a manifestation of the three-and-a-half chakras in the human system which correlate to one’s health, well-being, stability and prosperity.


Lum vum rum yum linga bhairavi
Shivatrinayani roudrini
Yum um shrishakti jwalamukhi
Mukthidaayini linga bhairavi
Moolaashakti ugraroopini

Lum vum rum yum linga bhairavi
Shivaaswaroopi linga bhairavi
Swaadhishtaaney kaamavardhini
Yum um shrishakti veeryasidhini
Indriyashuddhini linga bhairavi

Lum vum rum yum linga bhairavi
Manipuravaasini jeevaposhini
Yum um shrishakti vruddhidaayini
Lokaarakshini linga bhairavi
Anaahathasthala sarvaalingini

Lum vum rum yum linga bhairavi
Yum um shrishakti preethadaayaki
Shristikarthini linga bhairavi
Aagnaasthaana shantidaayini
Yum um shrishakti raagabhasmini

Lum vum rum yum linga bhairavi
Swapnanaashini linga bhairavi
Gayaanandhini kaanthiroopini
Yum um shrishakthi shoorayakshini
Akhilaanaayaki linga bhairavi

“Lum vum rum yum linga bhairavi” chant MEANING

The words “Linga Bhairavi” likely refer to a goddess in Hinduism, who is considered to be a form of the goddess Parvati, the consort of the god Shiva. The chant is praising and invoking the power of this goddess, describing her as the giver of power and strength, the destroyer of obstacles and the protector of the world, and the purifier of the senses. The chant also describes her as the giver of happiness and the remover of nightmares. Overall, the chant is a form of devotion and worship to the goddess Linga Bhairavi.

This text is a hymn of praise to the goddess Linga Bhairavi, the fierce aspect of the divine mother. It describes her as the energy of Lord Shiva, the one who gives power and strength, the one who destroys obstacles and the one who protects the world. The mantra describes her as the one who purifies the senses and the one who bestows blessings and happiness.

She is also said to purify the senses and bestow blessings and happiness. Additionally, the text describes her as the source of all power and energy, an embodiment of primordial power, and the personification of the ultimate reality. She is also depicted as the ruler of the Manipura chakra, nourisher of the life force, protector of the world, and support and soul of all things.

Furthermore, she is said to grant wishes, create the universe, grant peace and be the embodiment of love, dispel nightmares, and be the embodiment of all things. Additionally, she is said to be the ruler of the Gaya, embodiment of happiness, ruler of the throat and embodiment of power. She is also portrayed as the embodiment of all things and the ultimate reality.

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